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Written Copyright Release Online photo gallery Sneak Peak of images All day coverage Images burned to a data disk Mini-Engagement shoot Images from day projected on big screen

Short Photographer Bio-

I am a professional photographer with 9 years experience and approx 250 weddings in the books & EXTREMELY good at my job, I would consider myself a wedding specialist and planner. The amount of experience I have gained over the years is priceless when it comes to those unplanned situations that arise on your day, you can count on something happening that wasn’t planned, you just don’t know what it is yet.”

— Chris Frommelt-Owner, Creator, Professional Photographer

I know that weddings are an investment. First and foremost, they are an investment & trust of your love to another person - forever and always. That is such an incredibly beautiful thing, and it never ceases to amaze me as I witness this love week after week. Weddings are also an investment in a day of memories and feelings. In loving glances and big, hearty embraces and tears of pure joy. I maintain that your memories of your wedding day are the 2nd most important think you'll take away from it (after your new spouse) You'll always have those beautiful thoughts in your head of exactly how the light was falling across your loved ones face as you saw them for the first time. And here in this age we live in we are blessed to be able to make that memory one you can hold in your hands for all your years. I am so honored that you would invest in my capturing all of this for you; so I want you to know that I invest myself fully into your give you your memories in beautiful, tangible form.